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iValet mobile - Our Valet Portfolio

Since 2007 iValet mobile's mobile car valeting service has seen us valet a wide variety of vehicles throughout Bristol and the South Gloucestershire area, ranging from luxury le mans sports cars to a new driver's pride and joy.

Please take some time to look over the work that we have produced. If you like what you see and would like iValet mobile to clean your vehicle then please feel free to contact us.

Audi A4 S-Line - RS4 Replica

Full Valet and Machine Polish - 6 hour job but worth it!

  • Offside View
  • Nearside View
  • Now the best looking Audi in Bristol


2007 Fiesta

Ford Fiesta abused by previous owner! It took 5 hours to do this, I just wish I had taken photos before starting.

  • Exterior Post Valet
  • Interior View
  • Interior View


2009 Mondeo

Used by one of the reps at Reliance Security in Bradley Stoke with a scratch that no-one would confess too ...

  • Who'd confess to this scratch
  • ... keep looking ...
  • Magic! If you look hard enough you can see my chuffed expresion in the reflection. Bang and the scratch was gone


Renault Laguna

Nasty abrassion to the nearside rear quarter. I amazed myself with this one.

  • I amazed myself with this one.
  • ... and the happy owner, and yes it is the same car
  • Just making sure


BMW 330 M-Sport

A full valet for a BMW 330 M-Sport

  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale
  • Valeted for sale


Spire Race Car

This awesome piece of kit weighs 600kg and has a supercharged Kawasaki 1400cc engine in it ... yes it is insane!

This had to be valeted beyond belief to comply with Australian import laws to enable the owner to enjoy his toy once emmigrated to warmer climates. Apologies for the appauling photography.

This whole race car was covered in black rubber and tar score marks because of the temperatures involved in track racing consisting of rubber waste from tyres and tar from the track, once again forgot to take a photo before I started.

  • Valeted beyond belief.
  • This whole race car was covered in black rubber and tar score marks.
  • Front View
  • Rear View


2007 Seadoo Twin Engine Speedboat

This is a 2007 Seadoo Twin engine ...hp speedboad thats capable of ...knots. Unfortunatley the owner had stored it in an old cow shed with no cover. Because its constructed from fibreglass mouldings with special acrylic paint special care had to be taken when removing the harsh staining caused by fly excrement and general grime using advanced polishing compounds.

All acrylic and leather was severely stained, with layers of grime, too make matters worse it had to be valeted whilst on a towing trailer.

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Unique Classic Cars

If you have a more unique classic car that you require a professional valet for then call iValet mobile.

As you can see in the images below we are capable of valeting all sorts of classic cars.

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Vauxhall Vivaro Commercial Vehicle

As with a lot of commercial vehicles they get dirty whilst in use.

Our interior valet services fully cleans the upholstery back to looking new.

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Leather Repair & Upholstery Cleaning

Is your leather interior cracking, wrinkly and looking worse for wear?

iValet mobile use leather repair techniques to bring your interior back to life.

If your upholstery is covered in stain, sunsanitary mess and pet hair then we can clean them back to original standards.

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4x4 Valet Services

No vehicle size is too big for our valet services. We have valeted cars from small hot hatches to large commercial vehicles.

Browse through some of the images of 4x4's that we have valeted.


If you like what you see and would like iValet mobile to valet your vehicle then please dont hesitate to contact us.